Year 30: Three decades and counting

It is that time again. 

Once more, we thank you to those who have supported us and the Big Brothers-Big Sisters of Chicagoland all these many years.

For the 30th year, more or less, we will be handing out gifts to deserving, underprivileged boys and girls, while we dress as Santa and his merry band of Elves.

And once more, we ask for your generous donations of toys, games, and children’s merchandise, primarily for ages 6 and up so that we may personally deliver them this holiday season.

God bless you and yours for your kindness and generosity. Your donations will be appreciated by many and more than you can know.

Warmest regards,


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Work Makes Life Sweet, Part 2

My father-in-law loved to say “Work Makes Life Sweet” and “Laziness rots the bones”. We believe that R & R, days off, vacations time, shorter work days, retirement, and 'hardly working' is the cure for all ills, the panacea, the ultimate goal, the source of all happiness.


Work brings meaning into our lives, or it can. What happens to those who do not work for a living? They die too early in retirement, they fall prey to drugs, crime, sloth and indolence. There is no good and much bad that comes from not working. And working more, to a point, is even better.

China quit working. They have adopted a work-enough-to-get-by attitude. And the results are now evident. Somehow, no one sees that.

Photo credit: Nicholas Lativy / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA

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Work Makes Life Sweet, Part 1

What happened to China, that vaunted economic powerhouse?

Much is written about the government, their central bank, but it all misses the mark in my opinion. 

They quit working. Once, across China, work was revered, and the young worked to support the old. They worked long hours each day; they worked 6 and more often 7 days a week. In Hong Kong where I used to work, Saturday was also a work day. No longer. Gave it up years ago.

To be continued…

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Conniving Cowards, Part 2

Cowards cost us all. We all pay, for the activities of the few who are found out, and for the activities of the many whose bribes, payoffs, ‘inducements to do favors’, sundry and miscellaneous means by which they seek to line their own pocket through illicit actions and activities.

We should scream ‘Bloody murder’ as me mama used to say. We should not allow it, not put up with it, not look the other way. No good comes of it, save for those who conspire against us all. And they deserve the consequences of being found out, penurious fines, job loss, prison. Make them pay and in so doing set an example to others who might yet contemplate such a course in their careers.

I could go on, in greater detail and specificity, but I won’t.

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at

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Conniving Cowards, Part 1

Volkswagen falsifies emission test reports, and a peanut company exec hides information that could have prevented a deadly Salmonella outbreak, and goes to prison.

What is this?

Quite simply, it is the proper finding out of the conniving, underhanded, pusillanimous immoral and illegal business activities of those who would taint the pools they swim in.

These people cost us all by their cowardly and sleazy behaviors.

To be continued...

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The Power of Toys, Part 2

By John Fertig

As you remember from the last post, I was telling the finance manager about how I design toys. When I told him about Fireball Island, he was emotionally overpowered!

He explodes into a gush of memories on how it was the greatest game ever. Reliving ever detail about the game. On and on  and on he went. It transformed him, his whole attitude and emotional state.

My son just kind of looked me like he was crazy because he was so fanatical about it, and embarrassed him, AGAIN!

People do not realize the effect a toy can have on someone, one of magic and wonder, simple times of fun as a child.

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