Give All That One Can Give

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While wrapping presents yesterday I was asked if our Mission Statement included giving away all these toys. My immediate answer was, "No," as I have always considered our Lund and Company team mission statement to be, “We bring small things to life.” But in mulling it over further, I realized that maybe it was more than that.  

My personal mission statement probably goes like this, “Give all that one can give, for as long as one can, until one can give no more, in the service of children and all mankind.”   

There, I said it. That is it. May you and yours all enjoy the fruits of my, and our, labors.   

Merry Christmas, all. May God richly bless you and yours and give each and every one of you a splendid and happy new year.

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Our Mission Statement

This Christmas season we have already provided a thousand or so toys and games to the children served by the Big Brothers - Big Sisters of Chicagoland. These toys were generously donated by many of our readers, the kind toy executives and generous toy companies that we work with. Thank you.

As there is always unmet need, always those who go without, we went out and purchased even more toys and games recently, and went about wrapping them yesterday to get them out the door before this weekend.   

As the letters to Santa come into our World's-Only-Animated-and-Talking-Santa-Mail-Only-Mailbox we read each one carefully, and if they have provided a name and address we try to get them at least one of the gifts on their list, to wrap and hand deliver surreptitiously on Christmas Eve.  

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