Let the Children Go!

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Again, from a recent Wall Street Journal article by Peter Gray, a Boston College research psychologist and author of the book Free to Learn, and Lenore Skenazy, author of book and blog Free Range Kids: Studies have found that American children ages 9-12 get less than an hour of free play each day, and that is mostly indoors.  

This is atrocious and shameful. Let the children go! Let them play, else they will be stunted in their development. Arguably, that which a child learns through play is far more important than that which they learn in a classroom.  

3.  Self Control

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In play situations we learn that tantrums and other unbridled bad behaviors will make others shun us. Play will evoke powerful emotions such as anger or fear, and children gain experience in controlling how these emotions are expressed acceptably in the company of others. They learn to control their anger, not to cry too easily when hurt, or tattle on their peers to adults, etc.

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