Work Makes Life Sweet, Part 2

My father-in-law loved to say “Work Makes Life Sweet” and “Laziness rots the bones”. We believe that R & R, days off, vacations time, shorter work days, retirement, and 'hardly working' is the cure for all ills, the panacea, the ultimate goal, the source of all happiness.


Work brings meaning into our lives, or it can. What happens to those who do not work for a living? They die too early in retirement, they fall prey to drugs, crime, sloth and indolence. There is no good and much bad that comes from not working. And working more, to a point, is even better.

China quit working. They have adopted a work-enough-to-get-by attitude. And the results are now evident. Somehow, no one sees that.

Photo credit: Nicholas Lativy / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA

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