Stand Up and Be Counted, Part 1

I was never a fan of Taylor Swift, but I am nonetheless most impressed by the position she and her business team have taken regarding royalties on Apple’s new subscription music service. She said no. A line in the sand. The proverbial 'put her foot down'.

"NO!" No you cannot use my music without paying me (her, actually) a fair royalty for its use. Toy companies and inventors such as us are indirectly in a similar situation. Royalty rates being charged for use of Licensors entertainment properties are going up and UP. And the effects on the quality of toy product will be widespread and profound.

To be continued…

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The Eyes Have It… Part 2

It turns out these visitors from far away are ‘bots’. Not live people with blue or brown eyes, but machines scouring the web for information, to be used for our benefit no doubt. Why else would they be out there scanning and processing even content such as this blog might contain? Best be careful what I say or I might mysteriously come into a vast sum of money from Nigeria or some other well-known source of random largess.

Hmmmm, very curious.

The world is a never-endingly comic, tragic, curious, wondrous, exasperating, delight-filling, and confounding place. Glad to be here and a part of it. My best to you and yours, real people and ‘bots’ alike.

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The Eyes Have It… Part 1

Delighted to hear that our blog readership continues to climb. A second person now appears to read it, at least on occasion. That would be 2, NOT including myself. Of course I just write it, but don’t actually read it…chuckle and guffaw. Funny, right? And I am gonna be here all week. Anyway…

No, but seriously folks, thousands of our ‘readers' we have learned are from Russia, interestingly enough, and not far behind in the numbers are those thousands, each day I believe, from... China!

To be continued...

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Scoundrels, Scallywags and Thieves… Oh my! Part 2

There are other ones that ask for development work and then won’t pay for it…. Some of them scazillionaires running substantial companies.
There are the ones that agree to pay and advance and then do not pay the agreed upon amount and go ahead and market the product anyway without having a license to do so. Have that going on in South America right now.

And there are the ones that…


And… oh don’t get me started. The stories are legion, and some personally painful. We are not perfect, but we like to be able to ‘sleep on the side of the angels’ because in all our dealings we strive to be fair and on the up and up.

Business is personal, and those scoundrels, scallywags and knaves take the bread off the table of my team and their families, and mine as well.

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Scoundrels, Scallywags and Thieves… Oh my! Part 1

Every industry must have them: scoundrels, scallywags and thieves. You don’t have to be one to run a toy company, but I have always said that it helps. Many are not. There are decent, honest and honorable people populating toy companies aplenty. Some of the largest toy companies are run by decent, honorable, and respectful (and in that way, wise) people trying to do what is good business and what is also right and fair. We are the beneficiaries of them as well.

Some have seen to our best interest even when they themselves were under siege and their companies being taken from them by scoundrels of another sort. To them one swears allegiance for all time, those that have gone above and beyond.

And then there are the others…..

To be continued.

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Quaint, did we talk about ‘quaint’…?

London, and England in general, seem to have quaint ‘down pat,’ as we yanks might say. Wherever you look, even in London, you are apt to find it. In the midst of a stand of modern glass office buildings, there it is: a smallish brick building, cute as can be. ‘Quaint’ I guess is the word. It’s from the 18th century perhaps, clearly out of its time element, hunkering amongst its far larger brethren.

Or, as you drive along, down a narrow side street, there might be a row of them, and likely even a famous murder or two in the area long ago as a bonus. Or a row of tidy little verdant back gardens.

They’re out of another time, the stuff of Dickens novels, storybooks and legends, harking back to a time of horse drawn carriage, child labor in dingy workhouses, sweet urchins, the stuff today’s movies. Yet they are here, real as today and in current use. Along every road, down most every side street and alley…

QUAINT, and lots of it.

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