Our Quest

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Our quest, our impossible dream, is that children will be entertained and even inspired by the toys we create, and as a result in their own lives they will make contributions that will change the world in ways small and great. 

My dream is that the world will be better by far ‘when I’m laid to my rest.'

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Dallas 2013 Fall Toy Preview

This year the Dallas Toy Show consisted of two full days of meetings that felt like a week afterwards. We had 13 meetings, one after another.

Our days were spent dragging, pushing, and pulling our cases large, med, and small into elevators, squeezed into tiny rooms, onto tables in corner seating areas, wherever our clients have available for us to meet. Then we roll the video, pull out the samples to show, only to repack and head back to escalators and elevators to our next meeting, and repeat 12 or 3 times each day.   

No wonder they call it work. Whew! The dogs were barking and as the days progressed, many a deep sigh escaped my lips betraying to others on occassion the depth of my fatigue.

When it was all over, we knew that we had done all we could do and could not have done it better.  

We came, we saw, we soldiered on and time will prove the success of our efforts. 

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Real Effort

From guest blogger John Fertig, Sr. Designer at Lund and Company Invention, L.L.C. 
John has made a name for himself in the toy industry as an inventor for over 20 years.

I recently purchased a sports car, a 1985 Toyota MR2. It has roll-up windows, no air conditioning, no power steering, and a manual gear box. 

It is a fun little car to drive, but one that requires real effort, even physical. At the same time, it rewards you with a physical and emotional experience. You feel everything, the gears shifting, the road itself, the engine breathing, the wind (basic air conditioning) rushing past you.

It’s a marvelous sensory experience.

(to be continued . . . ) 

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With Great Gratitude

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All that has changed since our friend Art Mollenhauer has taken over the organization. Having given up the corporate world he brought order and discipline to this wonderful non-profit service organization. Under his leadership the Big Brothers - Big Sisters of Chicago has grown and now serves far more deserving children than ever before. Kudos to Art and staff for the invaluable work that they do to enrich the lives of others.    

Kudos with Great Gratitude to those kind and generous souls, and the toy and game companies they represent, that have provided bountiful donations of toys for this organization these many years. It is, and has been, our honor and privilege to be able to work with you and the BBBS of Chicago. 

Plus, we love to dress up as Santa and the Elves. We really do.

Cue the Santa Claus song . . . 

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An Honor and a Privilege

We just met with the terrific executive team of Chicagoland’s Big Brothers-Big Sisters organization.  

We have been working with the BB-BS of Chicago for well over 20 years, providing them and their ‘Littles’ with thousands, perhaps tens of thousands of toys and games. All of those toys and games are the generous donations of the great people and wonderful toy companies that we are privileged to work with, and you know who you are.  

(To be continued . . . ) 

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Good Thinking

All thinking is not the same. 

Like every other commodity there is the good, the mediocre, and the bad in the world of thinking thoughts that lead to decision making. 

I do alot of thinking, though it might not be apparent to some. To stay in business in an ever-changing industry and ever-evolving world requires thinking a lot of diverse thoughts on any different subjects, leading to decisions and change, and ultimately to the survival of our business through the decades, come good years and bad.  

(To be continued . . . )

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