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Lund Leather

Long before Bruce Lund became an award winning inventor, prototype builder, small business owner, intellectual property licensee, team leader and manager — he served in an apprenticeship as a leatherworker, operated a leather shop in Chapel Hill, NC, and later in San Antonio and across Texas. For years he made a living as a leather craftsman, and in the decades since, has found it to be an immensely satisfying hobby.

Bruce says he gets a deep satisfaction from creating tangible, useful, and aesthetically pleasing objects from a material as varied and precious as leather. He enjoys the material, the processes, and seeing lovely and useful things come together through the work of his hands. As many of you may already know, his creations each year have been gifts for family and friends, and colleagues in the toy industry and beyond.

With this passion for leather deeply entrenched, Bruce has long wanted to start a leather company.  And his own words, “I decided to quit thinking about it, and just do it!  Success or not, matters not.  Just doing it, however, does matter.”

We hope you enjoy the products on these pages — and if you would like to purchase one of these practical works of art for yourself or someone else, please give us a call on the main line at Lund and Company Invention (708-689-8233), hit the Lund Leather prompt, and we’ll saddle you up!

Please Note: Lund Leather products are functional art. These are introductory prices on the first series. Some are prototypes, and the designs have yet to be perfected. Some pieces have minor blemishes. Most pieces are in a series and are signed and numbered. Materials and workmanship are unconditionally guaranteed.

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