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Lund Tech


Every week we receive dozens of inquiries from would-be inventors from around the world. And not just toy inventors, but all kinds of inventors with creations in just about every category imaginable: home & garden, hardware, hobby, crafts, office, pets, automotive, personal care, etc. -- you name it, we’ve seen it!

So that got us to thinking…….Since we’ve been in this business for a few years (well, 30 years to be exact!!), and we know a thing or two about inventing and getting products to market, why not try to help these folks get their concepts to market?

As a result, we have launched the inventor relations arm of Lund and Company Invention. Officially named Lund Technologies (Lund Tech for short), here’s how the program works:


If you have a concept that you believe has market potential (and not just because your Mom, or wife or best friend said so!), get in touch with us via our Contact page, and we'll send you our official Concept Submission Form. Once you've filled that out, send it to us (via email or snail mail) along with any corresponding documents (illustrations, CAD files, photos, videos, digital animation, etc. – anything that helps tell the story of your invention) – or a prototype (preferred) if you have one. We can provide outside contacts for prototyping services if need be.

Once we receive your materials, we will review the concept with our team of qualified inventors and product designers. If we feel you have a viable concept, we will contact you to move forward. This process may take several weeks, so please be patient! We have insight into what companies are looking for and contacts to pitch ideas – but it does take time, so sit tight, we will get back to you. And remember, success doesn’t happen overnight -- that's just in the movies!


Due to the volume of inquires we receive from inventors, we can provide only a short review of your concept and our impressions. If we agree to represent your product and attempt to secure a licensing deal, we will work out all the financial details ahead of time. This is no shady inventor hype, but rather serious business -- inventors working together to get great concepts to market!

We are excited to review your invention – and to help TURN YOUR DREAM INTO REALITY!

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