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Toys change the world. The legendary architect Frank Lloyd Wright credits his kindergarten wooden block set with inspiring him to become an architect and influencing his design sense. The Wright brothers credit a toy airplane that was a birthday gift from their Father as their inspiration to pursue flight, leading to the first powered airplane. Perhaps you recall your playthings that may have influenced your choices as an adult. Possibly they are an influence in the work that you have chosen, and the impact you will have on the world in your lifetime.

While not studied or proven scientifically, the anecdotal evidence is nothing less than astonishing. It is possible to see the influences toys have played in the life work of artist Mondrian, visionary Buckminster Fuller, and many other famous designers and artists. We are influenced by our toys and the playthings of youth, and that influence stretches through our lives, our work, and ultimately changes the world.

We are not famous, nor do we expect to be. You may have guessed by now that we work behind the scenes on all of our development projects and we don’t seek the spotlight — primarily because the toy business is very confidential and secretive. That’s because if word gets out on a hot new product before it’s launched in the market, copy cats might come along and make it to market first! We assure each and every one of our clients and partners that we guard our concepts and ideas with a vengeance. But once these products hit the market, we are very proud of the response and media coverage they receive. Here are just a few examples of that media coverage — on our people, our products and our ideas.

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