A Dozen Major Lund-designed Toys to Hit Market in 2011

CHICAGO, IL (May 6, 2011) — Continuing to inspire and innovate, Lund and Company Invention, L.L.C. announced today that at least a dozen new products and toys designed in the Lund studio will be released on the market in 2011, some in Europe only.  And there will be five early launches in the U.S. in May and June by major manufacturers.  This year’s line-up of hot new toys includes 3 addictive fun new games, 4 new animated plush characters, a talking microscope – and one other yet-to-be-announced toy, featuring an entirely new-to-the-industry and new-to-the-world patented technology!  Among the toys slated for immediate release include:

Each of these toys represent a slightly different product category, ranging from a hilarious game about a dog that poops; a new, innovative interpretation of Uno; plush animals with never-before-seen mechanisms and more.

But one of the biggest launches for 2011 promises to be the Doggie Doo game that was released initially in Europe by Goliath Games and was among the hottest selling toys during the previous Holiday season.

“We are extremely proud of our products that are coming to market in 2011 — and we hope to bring laughter and smiles to kids everywhere!” commented Bruce Lund, founder and CEO of Lund and Company Invention, L.L.C.  “We were very fortunate that we were able to license all these products this year, it is kind of like going to Vegas — we always roll the dice, and some years, we end up short — but some years, we hit the jack pot!”

Targeted to ages 3–7, the Doggie Doo game, which features a lovable Dachshund hound and loud gaseous sounds, arrived at select Walmart stores around the country on May 1. Doggie Doo will hit store shelves nationwide on August 1, 2011, including Target, Toys-R-Us, Amazon, and others.

Visit for more info, or follow the Doggie Doo developing story on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. The “Walk the Dog” video, as well as the Doggie Doo commercial, is currently available on the Doggie Doo YouTube channel.  Doggie Doo fans are encouraged to upload their own Walk the Dog videos on YouTube for prizes and free give-aways to be announced at a later date.

Stay tuned to the Lund website and Bruce’s Blog for more product releases in the coming months!

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