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Toy Veteran Bruce Lund Announces New Book on Power of Toys

July 30, 2012 (Chicago, IL) -- Bruce Lund, founder of Lund and Company Invention, L.L.C, announced today that his first book has been published and is available on Amazon and CreateSpace, a leading on-demand publisher and distributor for writers, independent content creators, film studios, and music labels.  Entitled "Bruce’s Beliefs:  Everything I Know about Business (and Life), I learned Playing with Toys,” this book is the fascinating tale of Bruce’s life in the toy business and his strong belief system that toys have the power to change the world.

“This book is a project I have long contemplated and have now finally realized,” Bruce commented. “As I am in the business of creating truly great toys, I have discovered the impact that toys have on the lives of the children who play with them and on the contributions they will make to the world as they grow into adulthood. I felt it was important that I impart some of my findings and observations in the hope that others may benefit in some small way.”

Key Lessons Acquired After 30+ Years of Inventing and Licensing Toys

In the book, Bruce outlines an extensive list of beliefs and life lessons that he has developed from being in the toy design and inventing business for over 30 years.  According to tips to the reader in the intro, each of the beliefs in the book is a separate entity, loosely tied under the chapter heading’s general theme. Chapter headings range from “Toys Change the World” and “Imagination Changes Everything” — to “Teamwork is Key to Doing the Impossible” and “Don’t Be Afraid to Fly.”  This book is categorized as Business and Motivational – readers will find good sound business advice in the pages of the book, but also moving, inspirational commentary on life and love, according to Bruce.

“This book is intended to be read in snippets or one chapter at a time, not necessarily from cover to cover in one sitting,” Bruce said. “Most of the material in this book comes from my daily blog, so I see this book as a journal of sorts that I have crafted over the years — and my hope is that others will find some solace or perhaps small nuggets of insight that may help them face the same daily struggles and joys that we all face in life.  I did also add some random stories of a few characters and friends whom I have met along the way, to add a bit of spice and intrigue to the story!”

Volume II Coming Soon

As the founder and “chief bottle washer” (as Bruce puts it!) of Lund and Company Invention in Chicago, Bruce says he has new stories and tales to tell brewing every single day!  So, when asked if a Volume II is in the works – Bruce’s response:

“It’s like turning off a spring-fed flowing spigot – just impossible to do!” Bruce said.  “As long as we keep doing what we’re doing, inventing and creating truly great toys and games – there will be more stories to tell, people to meet, places to see….So, yes, a Volume II is already in the works!

Bruce’s Beliefs is available on
Amazon and Createspace – or by calling Lund and Company Invention directly at 708-689-8233 for special autographed copies. Review copies are available for free to the media.

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