Our Beliefs

Our Work

Our best work is done as a team. Teamwork is invisible. Teamwork is hard to identify, but like gravity and air, it is very real, and very powerful. Teamwork is the magic that makes ordinary people able to do extraordinary things. Individually we may not be all that remarkable (except to our parents, perhaps). But, together we can have the collective intellect and abilities of a genius! No one person could create many of the products we have invented, but a talented team of hard working designers, imbued with a generous spirit of collaboration, has been the source of many remarkable and remarkably successful toys.

We have been called the “masters of motion” and many consider us the best mechanism team in the industry. We have partnered with each other, and very importantly, we have teamed up with our clients, too. They have often challenged us to go beyond what even we believe is possible. We didn’t always work as a team, but once we discovered the power of teamwork, and have been able to encourage and sustain it, our work has been transformed. Teamwork is magic. Teamwork is the key to our success.

Here are a few of our favorite projects from our team — some were blockbusters or major successes in the market, others were simply successful, and some hardly sold at all! But each product developed, and each product sold has been part of our ongoing learning process — and successes and failures both help us learn and better understand the market! We hope you enjoy reading through these as much as we did creating them.

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