Our Beliefs

Case Studies

We learn something from almost every product concept that we create. Sometimes the learning is significant, and other times “not so much.”

From TMX Elmo we learned about the almost magical power of laughter. We watched children and adults share moments of joy as they watched Elmo move through his astonishing and hysterical paces. We learned that laughter is contagious, best shared with others, and people always feel better after a good laugh. To create products that make you laugh is now one of our key goals, and we have since created a new mission statement “We Bring Laughter to Life” to reflect that goal.

From our work creating the Hydrogen powered rocket, marketed by Estes, we became bona fide “Rocket Scientists.” What started as an alternative to a spring as a source of energy, led us to become experts in low-tech hydrogen generation and combustion, ultimately working with the Chicago Park District, the Department of Defense and many others in and out of the toy industry.

From Baby Go Boom, we learned the importance of doing development work on our products to assist our Licensees in bringing our products to market. Other projects opened our eyes to the power and importance of teamwork.

We have learned a lot over the years that has helped us to survive and thrive in a fast-moving, ever-changing industry. We have come to the realization that we need to get better at what we do year after year, to never stop learning, and getting better and smarter at what we do each and every day.

The stories in this section are just a few examples of some of the lessons that have helped us be better designers, inventors...and humans.

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