Action Dolls Case Study

Baby Go Boom

The Challenge

Our new feature doll concepts were not selling. “My Lickety Treats” was not a great success, while many other feature dolls on the market had BIG visual features and sold well. We knew we had to get back to the drawing table, and practice what we do best: creating and inventing successful toys.

The Evolution

We needed to change, and to create dolls with BIG visual features. This was the beginning of the changes that enabled us to stay afloat.  I could feel the ship slowly beginning to turn onto a new course.

The Solution

Studied “Billy the Bass” in the context of BIG actions, and arrived at our first doll in this category, “Baby Go Boom,” a strong selling doll in the dismal Christmas season of 2001. And this was despite the fact that our baby doll’s name was maligned by Rosie O’Donnell on her popular TV show.

The Results

This project led to may other BIG visual action dolls, which later grew into plush action dolls such as our cart-wheeling “Tumble Time Tigger,” “Somersault Sara” and others. Ultimately this line of development and R&D led to the knowhow and ability to synthesize the mechanism that became TMX Elmo, 2007 Toy of the Year!  We turned our ship around with these product introductions and went on to our best years ever — and certainly with more to come!

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