TMX Elmo Case Study

TMX Elmo

The Challenge

Take our original Extreme Laughter Elmo concept, and ‘marry’ it with several of our other mechanical actions to create a one or two motor mechanism that could do virtually everything! If we were successful, this would be billed the 10th anniversary interpretation of “Tickle Me Elmo.”

The Evolution

It appeared to be an impossible task. So many actions, with only two motors seemed absurd. We set to work to do the impossible.

The Solution

Through hard thinking, collaboration, multiple experiments and iterations of geometry and programming, we were able to get all the actions desired, and more. We successfully combined the actions of four of our earlier concepts, with the addition of the arm slapping action, all within the desired cost parameters.

The Results

TMX Elmo” amazed all who saw it, sold more units in one day than any toy in history, was named “2007 Toy of the Year” by the Toy Industry Association, and brought laughter to all who played with it, or watched it go through its hilarious paces! Billions and billions of laughs were caused by this new version of Elmo, along with all the tangible life benefits received from laughter!

Once our work was complete, the mechanism perfected, multiple samples built, and TMX Elmo was at long last in stores and creating a sensation, we began to observe firsthand, as well as from secondhand reports from many sources, the positive, almost therapeutic power of laughter. One woman, whose husband had only recently passed away, showed a friend that playing with her granddaughter’s TMX Elmo made her laugh again when the sadness of her loss brought her to tears. Many a family gathering was enriched by the shared laughter of young and old joining in with TMX Elmo as he went through his hysterics. Laughter does heal, laughter calms, it has a powerful, positive effect on mind and body. In an all too serious world, we came to the inescapable conclusion that the world needs more laughter.

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