Our Beliefs


We love what we do. We revel in the processes and challenges of discovery and invention. And we thank you for your interest that has brought you to this part of our website.

We have created a tremendous range and variety of products over the years, primarily toys and games, but also consumer products, sporting goods, automotive and housewares, Hydrogen powered lawnmowers, power tools and more. Over the years we have found that our successes have always been in the toy industry and over time we have come to appreciate what it is that we are best at, and how we can be most effective in bringing exciting new products to market.

“We bring small things to life” is one of our guiding principles, whether doll, plush character, game or other category. While we do other types of products, almost all of our best work has been in bringing life and animation to toys and games of all sorts. Our goal is to create products that cause people to laugh, to gasp with amazement, to say “Wow” entertain, inspire and delight.

We hope you enjoy this selection of a few of our creations that have been brought to market.